Nora Grundy

Born in Peru and educated in three continents as she now continues to develop her profession in Miami. The spectrum changes, but the focus continues to be the same. It is all about teaching a language that her students do not have. The ups and downs, the past and present, and the future –of course-. It seems that it is never different, but each individual is unique. Her approach tailors the levels’ requisites as well as those whose crystals are somewhat shattered yet have a unique light to refract…and they do!

Her expectations are those similar to an Olympic trainer. Each student is a gold medalist right from that simple, “hello, my name is…” or to when they are involved in a complex analysis of colloquial English, not to forget the unbearable grammar that this language bears. She accomplishes this with insight, dedication, and passion to then experience the grandeur, self-accomplishment and flight of her students.

Her studies are a solid base, which promote ways of teaching, learning, and reciprocity. Her diverse cultural exposure strokes the multi-pluralistic challenges with ease and confidence.